Welding Application Technology

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The name of the course is Welding Application Technology. As the name implies in this course I will try to cover the fundamental overview of the traditional/ industrial welding technology especially those welding processes which are widely used in manufacturing industries. I will also try to cover the detail concepts of design and analysis of welding joints, heat treatment and weld induced residual stresses & distortions and its measurement. This will help the participants to understand and apply this knowledge of welding in practice for various industrial applications. It will also encourage academic participants to increase the research interest in the field of welding. In this present course the primary focus is on basic fundamental of welding and its importance in industries. The brief overview of the course content can be stated like; this course will cover the industrial relevance of welding processes. It will give the fundamental knowledge of various important welding processes which includes most of the important fusion welding, solid state welding (i.e. Friction Welding, FSW etc.) and solid-liquid state welding (i.e. Shouldering and Brazing). It will also cover the importance and applications of all these welding techniques. This course will highlight the safety precautions to be followed in different welding techniques. This course also will cover the basic concepts of weld induced residual stresses and distortions. In this course, the concepts of different residual stresses measurements techniques will be provided. This course also will provide the fundamental concepts of residual stresses and distortions mitigation techniques. This course also will provide the basic fundamental concept on design and analysis of welding joints. This course includes most of the important topics related to static analysis of welded joints which included ‘Design and Analysis of Butt and Fillet Welds Joints, Strength Calculation of Parallel & Transverse Fillet Welds, Analysis of Eccentrically Loaded Welded Joint, Analysis of Welded Joint Subjected to Bending Moment’.

Suresh A

Hi sir, could you please provide a study material for exam point of view.

2 weeks ago
Prashantha M C

Sir can please share study materials for exam purpose

6 days ago


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Suresh A

2 weeks ago

hello sir, can you please upload study material or ppt to prepare for exam. i feel like can't read the entire portion in single day. please try to provide a study material.

Deshwanth L Gowda

1 month ago

Good understanding about welding and it's types

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